Knowledge Base

Transparent and accessible

Commited to open science

As an initiative formed by public research institutions, DiSSCo is committed to Open Science. We believe that Open Science not only makes the scientific work more transparent and accessible but also enables a whole new set of collaborative and IT-based scientific methods. This means that the outputs of our common research projects are openly available as much as possible.

To make this access to our research outputs not only theoretical but very convenient for you, we have stored them all in one place below.

You can of course also access them through the project websites as well as through our DiSSCo group on Zenodo. Some of the outputs – starting with SYNTHESYS+ – will also be published in the Research Ideas and Outcomes Journal.

DiSSCo Knowledge Base

All the information in one place

The tables below contain all outputs from DiSSCo-linked projects (ICEDIG, Synthesys+, and DiSSCo Prepare) and are actively updated. Use the filters to view only those outputs of interest to you or use the search function to look for specific keywords.