The project

DiSSCo Prepare, the preparatory phase project of DiSSCo

DiSSCo officially launched its preparatory phase in February 2020 with DiSSCo Prepare, the primary vehicle through which DiSSCo will reach the overall readiness necessary for its construction and eventual operation.

To achieve construction readiness, DiSSCo Prepare will develop a comprehensive Construction Masterplan around five critical implementation areas: technical readiness, scientific readiness, data readiness, organisational readiness and financial readiness:

Specifically, DiSSCo Prepare will:

  1. Raise DiSSCo’s implementation readiness level (IRL) across the five dimensions mentioned above. Each dimension of implementation readiness is separately addressed by specific Work Packages (WP) that includes distinct targets, actions and tasks.
  2. Deliver DiSSCo’s Construction Masterplan. This comprehensive and integrated Masterplan will be the product of the outputs of all of its content related tasks and will be the project’s final output. It will serve as the blueprint for construction of the DiSSCo RI, including establishing it as a legal entity.

DiSSCo Prepare builds on the successful completion of DiSSCo’s design study, ICEDIG and the outcomes of other DiSSCo-linked projects such as Synthesys+ and Mobilise.

DiSSCo Prepare work is ongoing but some preliminary outcomes of completed work tasks can be found here.

Project Coordinator Dimitris Koureas, Naturalis Biodiversity Center,
Funding Source Horizon 2020, H2020-INFRADEV-2019-2020 – Grant Agreement No. 871043
Duration February 2020 – January 2023