ChairDimitris Koureas, Naturalis Biodiversity Center,
Funding SourceEU COST Action CA17106
DurationOctober 2018 – September 2023

MOBILISE will produce a comprehensive knowledge framework for establishing bio- and geodiversity data as a crosscutting topic for many diverse nature-related domains.

MOBILISE intends to act as a flexible, creative, and multidisciplinary hub for exchanging experiences and expertise that each biodiversity related agent could bring together to a unique forum for discussion. MOBILISE will create a networking, consolidation and training platform, bringing together key actors on biodiversity data mobilisation for the first time at the scale and focus required. Thus, it will prepare the ground for innovative and robust technical solutions to be implemented at a pan-European Research Infrastructure level (i.e. DiSSCo).

Comprehensive biodiversity information gathered from collections can provide the basis for research from which recommendations for a plan of action can be derived about (for example):

  • Climate change effects;
  • Invasive species;
  • Ocean acidification;
  • Agriculture (pests, pollinators, productivity decrease etc.);
  • Over-harvesting and impacts on ecosystems (e.g. “fishing down the food web”);
  • Genetic diversity, species and habitat protection and conservation;
  • Halting biodiversity loss and implementation of the relevant national and European legislation.

MOBILISE has six Working Groups – open for participation by interested researchers, the rules for joining MOBILISE can be found here – that work on all the topics necessary to achieve its goals. These Working Groups are:

Working group meetings take place several times a year. Furthermore, WGs will initiate and organise workshops, Short Term Scientific Missions and Training Schools covering a range from general to very specific topics.

For more information visit the MOBILISE website.