DiSSCo Prepare selected for funding!

We are delighted to announce that the European Commission has selected “DiSSCo Prepare” to be funded. DiSSCo Prepare is a three-year project with 31 partners that will act as the main vehicle by which DiSSCo Research Infrastructure raises its overall maturity and sets itself in a position to implement its construction programme.

DiSSCo Prepare aims at

  1. improving the overall Implementation Readiness Level (IRL), and
  2. delivering the DiSSCo Construction Masterplan.

The DiSSCo IRL is defined as the measure of the ability to embark on specific implementation actions with minimum risk. The project will tackle the IRL across the scientific, data, financial, technological and organisational dimensions of the infrastructure and will raise the readiness level of the RI across all five dimensions.

The DiSSCo Construction Masterplan will be considered as the final output of the project and will effectively be used as the organisational, financial and technical guiding framework for the construction of the infrastructure.

DiSSCo Prepare is the latest addition to the extended family of DiSSCo-linked projects. Together they now constitute an integrated portfolio of projects contributing to the systematic preparation of DiSSCo and its supporting community. The projects, which are centrally coordinated, involve more than 50 public and commercial partners and support more than 300 scientific, technical and administrative personnel.