DiSSCo part of Biodiversity Research Infrastructures database

The Belgian Biodiversity Platform has developed an online searchable listing with existing Biodiversity Research Infrastructures (BRIs) that are available to the scientific community.

DiSSCo, as an evolving Research Infrastructure for natural science collections, is of course listed in this very useful resource. The tool gives an overview of resources at the disposal of researchers and allows to search for specific ones via a free text search or a detailed filter mechanism.

The infrastructures that have been included meet the following criteria. They:

  • fall under the definition of a Research Infrastructure (as defined by the European Commission);
  • focus on biodiversity and ecosystems research;
  • are available to or useful for (Belgian) scientists.

The tool builds on a previous mapping exercise of BRIs done in 2017 in the context of BiodivERsA, and on the results of a survey to BRI users from 2018 (resulting in the following report: Access and Use of Biodiversity Research Infrastructures in Belgium).