Announcing DiSSCo Prepare’s first All Hands meeting!

 18 – 22 January 2021

For an entire week, experts in the areas of governance, business, technology, services, big data, and policies will take part in more than 20 working sessions to discuss and produce key elements of what will become Europe’s leading natural science collections Research Infrastructure, DiSSCo RI.

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DiSSCo Research Infrastructure will collaborate and coordinate with its pan-European consortium members and key stakeholders to provide integrated high-quality geo- and biodiversity data to researchers that will ensure the high level of research excellence needed to respond to society’s Grand Challenges. High volume digitisation of natural science collections, common standards and policies, and technical interoperability among DiSSCo’s 121 natural science institutions will guarantee optimal use of DiSSCo’s FAIR data and related services. These are the foundational pillars of the future DiSSCo RI which is now in its preparatory phase.

The preparatory phase of DiSSCo consists of a number of projects focused on specific aspects of the RI. A multitude of European experts are participating in domain specific projects where their expertise will help guarantee that the DiSSCo RI will be ready to construct and implement.

In the weeklong meetings, key aspects pertaining to governance and business models, networking and strategic partnerships, access to FAIR data, standards and policies, training and capacity enhancement, and high volume digitisation will be discussed by experts who will apply their knowledge and expertise in geo- and biodiversity science to align and optimize DiSSCo’s development with researcher priorities and needs.

The DiSSCo family will meet virtually for the first time during the third week of January (18-22 January). The entire week is filled with a complete agenda of more than 20 working sessions whose insights and outcomes will help DiSSCo Prepare coordinate effort and define its next steps.