The CETAF-DiSSCo COVID-19 Taskforce Reports

Public event of 17 july 2020

Missed the broadcast?

Natural science collections hold data and expertise that can shed light on the origins of SARS-Cov-2.

After three months of intensive collaboration, the CETAF-DiSSCo Covid-19 Task Force presented preliminary results of the work of more than 60 international dedicated scientists and bioinformatics professionals on 17 jul 2020. The Task Force has convened weekly since April 3rd to identify how our community can better contribute to preventing pandemic outbreaks, focusing on four critical areas: 1) animal virus carriers, 2) construction of a pandemics knowledge base, 3) preservation of viral evidence, and 4) metadata registration practices. 

Following a keynote by Dr. Pam Soltis (curator of Molecular Systematics & Evolutionary Genetics at the University of Florida Museum of Natural History and Director for Research Activities for iDigBio), the four activity leaders presented the results of their work.

Watch the broadcast to learn more about what the natural science community is doing to combat this global threat.  And listen to community experts describe the importance of the effort and their involvement (Covid-19 TaF Experiences).

Did you miss the event? No worries, you can watch it again here below: