Species 2000

Species 2000 is a federation of taxonomic database custodians, involving taxonomists throughout the world. One of its products is the Catalogue of Life which is the most comprehensive and authoritative global index of species currently available. Species 2000 consists of a single integrated species checklist and taxonomic hierarchy. The Catalogue holds essential information on the names, relationships and distributions of over 1.6 million species


The Catalogue of Life is currently working on streamlining the ingestion and processing of data from providers as well as on enhancing the services to institutional users such as DiSSCo, in close collaboration with DiSSCo and the CETAF scientific community that directly works in the taxonomic field. It will also focus on empowering individuals to feed data directly into the Catalogue and to control that process as to secure an ever-lasting, scientifically-driven, and shared endeavour.


For more information check the Species2000 website or the Catalogue of Life website.