Apply for DiSSCo’s two advisory boards!

The Distributed System of Scientific Collections (DiSSCo) is looking to fill two very crucial advisory boards that will help driving and guiding the Research Infrastructure going forward:

  • the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), and
  • the Technical Advisory Board (TAB).

Their mission is to provide expert consultation services in all areas related to the scientific objectives and the technical sphere of DiSSCo, thus shaping DiSSCo and its portfolio of services based on geological and biological diversity data as well as its implementation to the benefit of the scientific community and the society at large. As highlighted by the recent global assessment by the IPBES, biodiversity data on a scale and precision that DiSSCo can deliver is absolutely crucial for protecting our ecosystems. Membership in these boards will therefore touch at the heart of what DiSSCo can become and how it will implement its services to the benefit of the scientific community and the society at large.

If you wish to be involved in the development of these data-driven services and if you are motivated by building a research infrastructure that will bring geo and biodiversity data from natural science collections to the 21st century, then please apply!  

We look for motivated, creative people that believe in the value of DiSSCo and share our aims. Therefore, we open the Calls for Expression of Interest to all levels of seniority, domains, and geographical areas, including non-Europeans and representatives from non-scientific societal domains (such as science-policy bodies or the industry). Criteria listed in the terms of reference for each of the Calls are not intended to be exclusive, but for orientation.

Deadline for applications is 16 September 2019.