LifeWatch seeks to address the global factors (climate, demographic pressure, pollution, soil consumption, etc.) responsible for ongoing loss of biological diversity and ecosystem functioning, with direct impacts on the well-being and development of today’s society. Understanding the evolution and functions of biodiversity and ecosystem services is now of crucial importance, not only for scientific reasons, but also to meet the demand from policy makers, managers and stakeholders for scientific-based tools.

LifeWatch aims to produce analysis of both impacts and managerial decisions on a range of spatial and temporal scales, observation (and monitoring) of data from  ecosystems and laboratory experiments, and appropriate storage and management of relevant data. It also includes the setting of standards to ensure interoperability and accurate models of ecosystem dynamics. It seeks to understand the complex interactions between species and the environment, taking advantage of High-performance, grid and Big Data computing systems, and the development of advanced modelling tools to implement management measures aimed at preserving life on Earth.


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