iDigBio press release: ICEDIG – a design refinement project for DiSSCo

iDigBio (Integrated Digitized Biocollections) puslished a press release about ICEDIG, the design study for DiSSCo, in repsonse to the ICEDIG kick-off conference in Helsinki during the first week of March. It covers background information, current developments and information about the work packages. Read about it here: ICEDIG – a design refinement project for DiSSCo. Transforming natural science collections for the digital age.

“ICEDIG “Innovation and Consolidation for large scale Digitisation of natural heritage” just kicked off in January 2018 as a design refinement project. The goals of ICEDIG are to help inform DiSSCo for planning the technical, social, communication, finance, and governance needs of such a project. iDigBio and other invitees such as e-ReColNat, Mark my Bird, Zenodo, GBIF, PREDICTS, CETAF, Naturalis, Picturae, DiSSCo, and the NHM shared their insights in a one day ICEDIG conference essentially offering ideas for the design, potential, and implementation of DiSSCo.”