ICEDIG Roundtable on Research Infrastructure Partnership frameworks

European Research Infrastructures (RI), operate within complex and sometimes fragmented operational, policy and funding landscapes. To effectively develop and provide their services, they rely on strong and efficient partnerships. These partnerships can be developed on both strategic and operational perspectives. Scientific and policy drivers can often lead to strong but complex partnerships landscapes, whilst operational needs require strong and effective collaboration informing decisions on the development of the RIs pre-commercial and commercial procurement mechanisms. Reciprocity in technology and experience transfer can also lead to strong collaborations.

As part of the project (a design refinement project of DiSSCo, a roundtable is organised to discuss the challenges and specificities around developing robust and effective partnerships frameworks for RIs, during their preparatory, implementation or operational phase.

During the roundtable, the participants will share experiences and planned approaches in partnerships development, and discuss on prioritisation mechanisms and quality assurance in service level agreements for core infrastructure operations.

Practical aspects of RI partnership development in the context of the European Open Science Cloud (EOSC) will also be discussed. By the end of the meeting, we expect to have touched upon the key parameters of the issue and highlighted the dimensions that RIs management need to consider for developing a comprehensive RI-specific partnerships framework.

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The Roundtable will be attended by senior representatives of key organisations from different stakeholders’ perspective, including RIs, industrial actors and policy makers. The outputs of the RT will be used to further inform decisions of European distributed RIs on their partnerships building strategies and policies.

Date and venue: Tuesday, 4 December 2018, from 13.00 to 17.00 at the Botanic Garden Meise, Nieuwelaan 38, 1860 Meise, Belgium

This event is by invitation only! Should you wish to join the RT please contact Dimitris Koureas ( the latest by 9 November.