Estonia releases Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2019

The Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia has released its Research Infrastructure Roadmap 2019.

A roadmap is a long-term (with the perspective of 10–20 years) planning tool that contains a list of Research Infrastructures (RIs) of national importance for their strategic importance for the sustainable development of the country. Among these key RIs, DiSSCo stands as the infrastructure that allows Estonia to become one of Europe’s competence and innovation centres for developing data management and analysis services.

The central element in this is the PlutoF data management system that offers collection-based high-quality e-services developed within the framework of NATARC. Participation in the work of the DiSSCo network enables Estonia to offer the competitive advantage and competence acquired in implementing NATARC to develop global IT solutions. One of Estonia’s main goals is to make PlutoF part of the European Open Science Cloud, which would increase the visibility and availability of the Estonian digital infrastructure for open data.

You can read the Estonain Research Infrastructure Roadmap document here.