DiSSCo Power-Up event at Museon, The Hague

Now that DiSSCo is officially part of the ESFRI roadmap, it is time to organise the national involvement in the research infrastructure more in depth. To this end, the DiSSCo coordination team invites the heads of their national nodes to the DiSSCo Power-Up event at Museon, The Hague. Museon is a regional museum in the Netherlands, and a DiSSCo partner within the Dutch national node.

The two-day even will take place on 15-16 April. It aims to prepare the national nodes for the next phases of DiSSCo, to have a general understanding about the structure of the preparatory phase DiSSCo is now moving towards and to agree on a clear idea of the role, collaboration mechanisms and tasks for the national nodes as well as for the DiSSCo coordination office.