Catalogue of Life+

Project Coordinator Dr. Olaf Bánki
Funding Source Netherlands Biodiversity Information Facility (NLBIF)
Duration 1st Phase of the project ends 31st of December 2019

The data infrastructure and production environment of the Catalogue of Life (CoL) is currently being redeveloped in the context of the CoL+ project. Focus during phase one of this development is on streamlining the ingestion and processing of data from providers to be included in the CoL, as well as on enhancing the services to institutional users such as GBIF, EOL, BHL, BOLD, LifeWatch, DiSSCo and WFO. A second phase of the CoL+ will focus on empowering the taxonomic community to feed data directly into the CoL and be in control of that process.

The project goals are to develop a new global and joint infrastructure for the current Catalogue of Life, that includes the GBIF Backbone Taxonomy sources as a provisional catalogue of life, separates names and taxonomy with unique identifiers and provides avenues for (infrastructural) support to content authorities (like possibilities for feedback, annotations, and to add additional information to the taxonomic data sources in the CoL).

For more information visit the Catalogue of Life website.