Building leadership capacity through EMMRI

Building leadership capacity across the DiSSCo consortium is essential for the successful development of DiSSCo. The Executive Masters in Management of Research Infrastructures (EMMRI) at the University of Milano-Bicocca is an opportunity to start building this capacity. Thanks to funding received by NLBIF, DiSSCo is able to participate as a Team to the 12 modules included in the Executive Masters programme for 2018-2020.

The Masters programme has a requirement of 60 ECTS and is organised into 3-day modules for a total of 12 modules (40 ECTS), among which 7 on-campus and 5 online. The programme structure is described at:

The modules will be distributed among the DiSSCo Team Members and after successful Team participation, DiSSCo will be awarded with a Certificate of Excellence in Research Infrastructure Leadership.

The DiSSCo coordination kindly invites all partners to provide candidates to participate in one or more of the core modules, with their CV and a short motivation, to be sent to by October 1st at noon. Candidates will be selected by the coordination team based on their current involvement in DiSSCo, motivation and CV, distribution amongst the participating countries in the DiSSCo consortium and gender balance. Fees for one seat per module will be covered. Some modules require travelling to the campus in Italy, which participants have to pay themselves.