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Ocean Quahog (Arctica Islandica) with DiSSCo logo

The Ocean Quahog (Arctica Islandica) is the oldest living animal on Earth. Ages of 300 to 400 years are not exceptional. The further north they live, the older they get; the colder their environment, the slower they grow. In 2006 near Iceland, an Ocean Quahog, born in 1499 that was 507 years old has been found. Unfortunately during the investigation into its age, the animal died.

You will find the Ocean Quahog in the coastal strips to a depth of about 60 meters around the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea. Rarely do the Ocean Quahog wash up on a beach. Sometimes a single shell, mainly in the Wadden area. This shell was found on the western tip of Schiermonnikoog. In the meantime, it is more difficult for the Ocean Quahog to grow old. By fishing with chains across the bottom of the sea, they are easily pulled out of the mud.