Innovation and Consolidation programmes

The DiSSCo preparatory and transition phases are planned between 2018 and 2023.

Innovation programme

Refinement of technical design; deployment of pilot portal and service test beds; update of business plan; contact-building with industrial stakeholders; technical innovation for mass scale digitisation, automation, robotics, and data models.

Consolidation programme

Refinement of governance structure; preparation for setting-up of legal entity; communication and capacity building; update of business plan; harmonisation of nodes policies and processes (incl. access and training); site selection and staff recruitment; development of national level collection and investment strategies.


Construction phase

Implementation of national/regional investment plans for infrastructure upgrades and large scale digitisation programmes; application of joint DiSSCo programmes and policies, quality control and risk management; establishment of regional/thematic hubs; active membership; construction of the DiSSCo Hub (including all services).

2026 onwards

Operational phase

Full deployment of operations and services; first full evaluation process; review of organisation and business model; full scale operations.