The Governance Model


The DiSSCo governance model will aim to:

  • Achieve the maximum possible inclusion of and balance between member states and associated countries in the decision-making processes;
  • Ensure transparent and fair procedures, with clearly indicated accountable parties;   
  • Minimise the administrative overheads, without compromising the integrity of the governing procedures;
  • Maintain adequate flexibility in order to adapt to future change of needs, including fast expansion of membership or widening of scope, and;
  • Set up well-defined consensus reaching and conflict resolution mechanisms.

A central shared coordination approach will be followed whereby different distributed nodes are coordinated by a separate organisation.  The topology of the RI is based on a hub and spoke model.

 A central facility/headquarters will be responsible for the coordination of all node-related activities while resources will be allocated separately to both the central coordination office (CCO) and the partners, in support of the implementation phase and operational aspects of the infrastructure.

The application of this model will be predicated on existence of a robust governance structure. Clear governance and management practices are jointly adopted by all participating facilities through a series of Memoranda of Understanding (MoU). These MoUs also highlight the common approach in formalising the bodies to govern the planned DiSSCo legal entity.


  • Date: July 2017